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CREPSAFE INVESTMENTS Is An Established Company, Leading Suppliers Of Quality Tested Building Material We Specialize In The Following Services:
Pit Sand, River Sand, 3/4 Stones, Quarry Dust, Crusher-Run, Black Treated Top Soil, Garden Manure, Bricks, Pavers, Gravel, Truck Hire And Much More...

About Our Services.


We manufacture high quality bricks and our bricks are available as plain as well as coloured bricks. Available colours include dark red, light red, slate grey, brown and amber.

They are applicable on construction of superstructures and boundary walls. We believe in working with upstream and downstream companies in the construction sector. We have a variety of bricks suitable for industrial and domestic purposes, we do: common bricks, hard-burn bricks, load bearing bricks, cement commons, blue-hearts, driveway pavers, semi-common face bricks i.e red-rustic, plum-brown, blue black, dark-rustic and more..

Pit Sand And River Sand

What Type of sand should I use for plastering? Brickwork? and for making concrete? Just call, email or visit Crepsafe investments, they answer all your questions.

This type of sand (PIT SAND) is mainly used on Brickwork and Plastering of walls (INSIDE AND OUTSIDE). Otherwise called "White and" It is free organic matter. We have the best quality to suit your requirements. Both types of sand (RIVER SAND AND WASHED SAND) serve the same purpose but washed sand being of superior quality for best results mainly used on concrete work for footing, slabs, columns, decks, beams, lintels, and floors- screeds and slashing. We match quality and texture for best results

Truck,Plant And Equipment Hire

Crepsafe has a wide range of quality, new and used trucks for hiring at affordable and cheap prices. We are a highly experienced truck hiring company in Zimbabwe.

Trucks for hire from 1 tonne up to 30 tonne available to any destination in zimbabwe, Plant and Equipment hire from light to heavy duty construction equipment and earthmoving machinery, Tipper trucks for hire from 5 cubic to 25 cubic metres readly available


Crepsafe Investments We Are Committed To Provide Quality Service To Our Clients. We Proudly Offer The Following Services:


We have good quality red gravel for use in road, driveways, paving and filler in building construction


Quarry Dust is mainly used on driveway construction and paving, for bricks and block moulding, can also be used as filler in building construction.


This product is used on driveway and paving works. It is a good substitute for gravel in road construction and as filler in building construction.


We have rich natural black natural black-topsoil for use in reviving plant life, suitable for flower beds, pots and lawn grass. A major in landscaping design works.


3/4 stones are used on concrete work and driveways. 13mm and 16mm stones for driveways 6mm and 10mm stones are used for bricks and block moulding. We have boulders stones used in landscaping designs and soakaway pits.


We have rich garden manure in different types, cow manure, horse manure and tobacco scrap manure. Suitable for flower beds, pots and lawn grass.

We Offer Services

CREPSAFE INVESTMENTS is the altimate supplier, offering a one stop shop for all your construction needs and aggregates from the comfort of your home or work place you get to place orders and buy high quality: 3/4 stones, quarry dust, crusher run, black treated top soil, garden manure, gravel, pit sand, river sand, bricks, building construction(commercial and residential), paving, security walls, floor and wall tiling, plastering, roofing, painting, skimming,capentry concrete and steel work,iron craft,glazing,swimming pool(construction and maintance), thatching(gazebos/houses), landscaping(garden maintanance) renovation, driveways, tennis/ basketball coats, plumbing, electrical(installation and repairs) and also offer truck,plant and equipment hire !!


Crepsafe Investments Zimbabwe sells bricks ,pit and river sand,3/4 stones, dust quarry ,crusher run and also truck hiring and much more...

Black Top Soil



Garden Manure

Pit Sand

Quarry Dust

Crushed Stones

Truck Hire

Building Construction


Drive ways and Paving

Tennis coats



Security walls

Floor and Wall Tiling






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